Best 7 Online MBA Programs for Salary Growth

Online MBA students typically skew towards older demographics compared to their full-time counterparts, often seeking career acceleration. Upon entering these programs, they already command relatively high salaries, which tend to see a substantial surge upon graduation—sometimes reaching nearly 50 percent. The average post-graduation salary often exceeds $200,000.

A notable advantage for online MBA candidates is the ability to maintain a full-time job while pursuing their studies part-time. This contrasts with full-time campus programs, where participants incur the opportunity cost of not working.

Consequently, online students continue earning income while applying their acquired knowledge directly in the workplace, actively working towards career advancements.

Among the various industries pursued post-Online MBA, finance, and banking stand out as the most popular choices. These sectors are renowned for their lucrative compensation packages.

University of Florida – Warrington College of Business Administration – Hough Graduate School of Business

University of Florida

University of Florida graduates experience a substantial 41 percent increase in their salaries three years after completing their Online MBA program, reaching an average of $126,535.

While this figure may be lower than that of some peer institutions with similarly esteemed Online MBA rankings, the University of Florida’s program is comparatively more affordable.

This cost advantage contributes to a higher overall return on investment for graduates from the University of Florida’s Online MBA program.

University of Southern California (USC) – Marshall School of Business

University of Southern California

Alumni from USC Marshall, three months post-completion of the Online MBA program, command an average starting salary of $122,634.

Leveraging its affiliation with the parent university, USC Marshall taps into a vast global alumni network comprising 390,000 individuals, offering valuable support to graduates in securing well-paying positions.

Additionally, the California-based business school holds the distinction of being ranked fifth in the world for Online MBA programs by US News, potentially enhancing brand recognition among corporate recruiters.

Warwick Business School (WBS), University of Warwick

Warwick Business School

For three consecutive years, Warwick Business School has secured the top position in the Financial Times ranking of Online MBA programs.

A significant contributing factor to this success is the substantial salary growth its graduates experience three years post-graduation, reaching an impressive $204,799—an increase of 40 percent during that period. Additionally, the school attains the highest score for career progression.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management

POLIMI Graduate School of Management

The Politecnico di Milano School of Management, located in Milan, Italy, discloses a substantial 40 percent salary boost for its graduates, with an impressive average salary of $144,316. Notably, the school secured the third position in the Financial Times’ ranking for online interaction.

As any MBA student would attest, this aspect is vital for fostering networking opportunities that have proven to yield significant dividends in the job market.

IE Business School

IE Business School

IE Business School in Spain secures the second position in the Financial Times’ global ranking of the best Online MBA programs, excelling in both employability and salary metrics.

Three years post-graduation, the average alumni salary reaches $163,788, reflecting a substantial 36 percent increase from their pre-enrollment pay in the school’s Global Online MBA. With a highly international cohort, the program becomes a gateway to lucrative career opportunities worldwide.

University of Massachusetts Amherst – Isenberg School of Management

University of Massachusetts Amherst

In the Financial Times Online MBA ranking, University of Massachusetts alumni stand out with the highest salary increase three years post-graduation at an impressive 46 percent.

The average salary attained three years after completing the Online MBA program is $168,046. Although this figure may appear lower compared to graduates from other Online MBA programs, it’s important to note that many Isenberg students initiate from a lower salary baseline, resulting in a proportionately greater growth in their earnings.

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Tepper School of Business

US News ranks the Tepper School as the third-best nationwide. Three months post-graduation, alumni enjoy an impressive average starting salary of $126,250, showcasing a remarkable return on investment, especially given the relatively low cost of the part-time course.

Online MBA students at Tepper benefit from equivalent access to all career resources available to their full-time counterparts on campus, including valuable career coaching from experienced industry professionals.

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